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Survey of parents finds that cases of measles and whooping cough have generated a more positive stance toward vaccinations
Experts suggest adding novel foods to your diet to lose or maintain weight
Detroit-area cancer specialist's aggressive prescriptions exposed patients to life-threatening infections, expert testifies; faces prison in fraud scheme
Study shows highly traumatic events may alter future brain reactions
The consequences of this choice can be severe, experts say
"With Dad suffering last year with dialysis, it shows the love the two have for each other," couple's son says
A study shows how eating at full-service restaurants could be tougher on your diet than fast food
Voice for Choice is spending $350,000 to fight a new California law which eliminates the personal belief exemption for childhood vaccines
California governor signed a new state law that requires nearly all schoolchildren to be vaccinated
Survey of hospital staff reveals why they don't take sick days, even when they know they should