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Human clinical trials show this promising technique attacks melanoma tumors on two levels
Alcohol-related damage does not affect men and women equally, researchers say
Doctors in India fear there will soon be infections that antibiotics can't treat
A new study suggests that it does, and people who smell it feel happier too
Researchers say living near high-traffic areas is linked to an increased risk for abdominal obesity
New research suggests motherhood really does have an impact on a woman's brain function
Recent outbreak that sickened dozens of people raises questions about how the contamination could have happened
The man became critically ill with the infectious disease after travelling from West Africa
Meditation, breathing and Eastern medicine -- all these tools are now used by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The goal is to heal PTSD and the invisible wounds of war. Chip Reid reports on veterans who hope more of their fellow warriors will take a seat and join the zen.
One in five U.S. veterans of the Iraq and Afghan wars lives with PTSD, but many are finding relief with an ancient practice from Asia

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