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When Flint, Michigan, disconnected their water supply from Detroit and started drawing from the Flint River, they were thinking of $15 million in savings
12-year-old Katelyn Thornley has been sneezing almost non-stop -- about 12,000 times a day -- for the past month, and doctors have no idea why
Company hopes its new treatment could become the first gene therapy to win FDA approval
A growing number of U.S. babies are born in "baby friendly" hospitals
12-year-old from Texas suddenly started sneezing 12,000 times a day; "even in my dreams, I sneeze"
The singer wants to use her fame to destigmatize mental illness and advocate for a change in Congress
"You're the boss," stresses ad campaign, but does it have street cred?
Experts say Medicaid reimbursement for this procedure can help prevent repeat, unintended pregnancies
Study finds new moms aren't the only ones who may experience symptoms of depression
Efforts are underway to get clean drinking water to Michigan city after public health emergency was declared

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