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More than 700 children were exposed to a worker who has the disease, and may have been exposed in a nursery in El Paso
About 720,000 Americans suffer a heart attack each year. A new study puts numbers on just how much a healthy lifestyle can lower a man's risk. Bigad Shaban reports.
It's never too late for the small lifestyle changes that make a big difference to your health
Advances in medical science are helping Americans live longer than ever, but not everyone is excited by the prospect
Officials hesitant to announce number of new cases discovered during three-day lockdown on entire country
Cancer patients struggling with smoking cessation may end up even more addicted, researchers find
Expectant moms should eat foods and take supplements rich in a certain nutrient to help promote healthy development of their baby, study finds
For years, Liza Long struggled to cope with her mentally ill son's violent and unpredictable behavior which repeatedly landed him in police custody or psychiatric hospitals. After many wrong diagnoses, at least a dozen different drugs and fear that he would seriously harm someone, she was finally able to get him the help he needed. Long has written a bo
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are battling "superbugs," drug-resistant bacteria, by identifying different combinations of genes that can make them more vulnerable to antibiotics. Also, a possible link to iron deficiency during pregnancy and autism. Danielle Nottingham reports on the day's top health news.
Some 700 are infants, health officials say; feds questioning hospital's procedures

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