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Some of this season's favorite contestants from "Survivor: San Juan Del Sur" tell CBS News about their physical fitness regimens after leaving the island.
CBS News caught up with some of this season’s favorite contestants from "Survivor: San Juan Del Sur" to hear how they’ve been recovering since returning from the island.
More than 750 people got sick, most with fungal meningitis, and 64 died after using tainted steroids from Massachusetts compounding pharmacy
State at the forefront of legalized pot will fund studies to look at marijuana's potential health benefits
"Breakthrough" study finds surgical removal of clots, in addition to blood thinners, can help limit long-term disability
New research finds our ancestors probably weren't very picky about the ratios of protein, fat and carbs in their diet
The FDA wants you to know what booze will do to your diet, but there are some exceptions to the new rule
In-vitro fertilization using DNA from one man and two women could help families avoid passing on genetic disorders
The owners of New England Compounding Center, a laboratory connected to a deadly meningitis outbreak, have been arrested. CBS News reporter Paula Reid joins CBSN with more on the indictment filed against them and 12 former employees.
14 people involved with New England Compounding Center in Framingham, Mass. in 2012 indicted; disease killed 64 patients

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