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As the West African nation sealed off a slum in its capital, there is a new thinking as to how two Americans came down with the disease
New research has uncovered a correlation between the antibiotic Clarithromycin and an increase in heart deaths. Despite the connection, researchers say the risk is small, and that doctors shouldn't alter the way they administer the drug. CBS News' Michelle Sigona reports.
A new report finds couples with 150 or more guests at their nuptials could have a more satisfying life together down the line
A commonly used antibiotic may increase the risk of cardiac death, but researchers stress that the new findings need to be confirmed
Residents of the same city go to bed earliest and get the most sleep
Senator Mark Udall (D-Colo.) has introduced legislation aimed at overriding the Supreme Court's controversial decision to allow Hobby Lobby an exception to mandated contraceptive coverage under Obamacare. KCNC-TV's Shaun Boyd reports.
Less sex and more contraception has resulted in fewer pregnancies among minors in the last few decades
Massachusetts General hospital in Boston has developed a program to help discharged patients quit smoking. Plus, a new study out of Britain shows that commuting without a car has health benefits. Bigad Shaban reports on the day's top health news.
Several well-known brands involved; some illnesses reported that may be from the butters
A simple drawing test conducted in 4-year-olds predicted their intelligence a decade later

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