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Baby Oliver had a major heart defect when he was born seven weeks premature, but he got a second chance
Baby Oliver may be the youngest heart transplant recipient ever. He was born seven weeks premature at Phoenix Children's Hospital with a bad heart. Doctors feared for the worst, but the baby survived the surgery. Carter Evans reports.
Keeping young kids away from peanuts might be the wrong thing to do. Dr. Holly Phillips and Dr. Tara Narula join " CBS This Morning: Saturday" to discuss a new study that could transform the way doctors approach peanut allergies
State health officials say two of the patients contracted the infection after coming in contact with armadillos
Most dark-colored sodas contain 4-methylimidazole, a potential carcinogen, according to a new study
A U.S. government panel recommends against routine vaccination, despite a number of recent outbreaks on college campuses
Research shows getting insufficient shuteye alters brain activity, which causes poor eating and may lead to obesity
Researchers say that people who do not drink coffee are 50 percent more likely to develop MS than people who do. Also, suicide rates for middle-aged people are on the rise. Eboni Williams reports on the day's top health news.
Butt enhancement procedures have gotten a big boost in popularity, and some other trends may surprise you
A scientist believes it may soon be possible to give a dying person a new body and new lease on life, but critics say he's getting in way over his head

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