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1 Chicago Cubs Chicago Cubs 47-20
After dropping a close series on the road, the Cubs came home to sweep the Pirates at Wrigley over the weekend. Chicago hasn’t played a hard schedule, but they’re also playing .650 ball against teams over .500 this year, which says a lot (see below).
2 Boston Red Sox Boston Red Sox 39-29
The Red Sox have four games left on a homestand which has been disappointing so far, with three wins and three losses. Boston has played 16 more games against .500-plus competition this year than the Cubs have, which always makes us wonder about MLB scheduling.
3 Washington Nationals Washington Nationals 43-27
▲ 1
Dropping two games in San Diego over the weekend put a damper on that series win over Chicago, but the Nationals still look very good—especially on the pitching front. Like Boston, Washington has played 36 games already against top competition.
4 Toronto Blue Jays Toronto Blue Jays 39-33
▲ 5
The Blue Jays are finally rounding into form, and that’s why they’re a team on the rise. Dropping two games in Baltimore over the weekend slowed Toronto down a bit, but with Troy Tulowitzki back in the lineup, look for another surge.
5 Texas Rangers Texas Rangers 45-25
How in the heck is this team 20 games over .500 right now? A six-game winning streak helps, especially with the last three in a row over St. Louis by one run each time. The Rangers are a ridiculous 16-4 in one-run ballgames right now, and you know that won’t sustain itself.
6 Cleveland Indians Cleveland Indians 38-30
▲ 1
Now that the Cavaliers have won the NBA title for the city of Cleveland, maybe the pressure is off the Tribe? All this team needs is some more offense, because the pitching is very impressive sometimes. Sweeping the White Sox to end the week was a good recovery from the poor start to the week (losing three straight at Kansas City).
7 Baltimore Orioles Baltimore Orioles 40-28
▲ 1
Winning both series last week against the closest pursuers in the division was impressive, and the Orioles look like they’re serious about making the American League East a tough division to win in 2016. It’s possible both wild-card teams could come out of this group, and that’s reflected in these rankings.
8 San Francisco Giants San Francisco Giants 44-26
▲ 2
Again, who is doing the scheduling here? The Giants have played a whopping 43 games against sub-.500 teams this year, but they’re barely a .500 team against teams with winning records. San Francisco has won eight in a row, but the list of victims is hardly impressive. Again, at least the Giants are beating the teams they should, right?
9 St. Louis Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals 35-33
▼ 6
A winless week drops the Redbirds down several notches, although as noted above, this is a team with a 4-11 record in one-run games. That won’t last, as this team has outscored its opponents overall by a run per game. They’ve just been really unlucky so far this year.
10 Seattle Mariners Seattle Mariners 36-33
▼ 4
Just when you want to take the Mariners seriously, they tank. They’ve gone 8-15 over the past few weeks to drop 8.5 games behind the Rangers in the AL West Division. That will be hard for Seattle to make up, even if they make some trades.
11 Los Angeles Dodgers Los Angeles Dodgers 38-33
A five-win week featuring a few walk-off victories is what L.A. needed to get its mojo back a bit. But the 10-13 record in one-run ballgames is something that needs to reverse itself quickly if the Dodgers want to catch the Giants in the NL West race anytime soon.
12 Kansas City Royals Kansas City Royals 38-31
▲ 10
Our big leapers for the week, the defending champions are streaking again, winners of eight in their last nine games. This has come following an eight-game slide, of course. There are a lot of good teams in the AL, and of course, not all of them can make the postseason. Will the Royals even have a chance for a third straight AL pennant?
13 New York Mets New York Mets 36-32
▼ 1
Getting swept at home by the Braves this weekend was quite embarrassing and somewhat inexcusable. The Mets scored just four runs in those three losses, while the pitching wasn’t great, either. How is this team behind the Marlins right now?
14 Miami Marlins Miami Marlins 37-32
▲ 9
A 5-1 week propelled the Marlins higher this week, and the team has finally stabilized its run differential. Can we take Miami for real again? Manager Don Mattingly is making his former club look foolish for firing him. A four-game set at home against the Cubs this week should tell us all we need to know about the Marlins.
15 Arizona Diamondbacks Arizona Diamondbacks 32-39
▲ 5
Sweeping Philadelphia on the road to conclude a winning week is nice for the D’backs, but they’re still 12.5 games out of first place. Arizona isn’t that bad, but the team just hasn’t been able to beat opponents of the same caliber with any frequency whatsoever this season.
16 Houston Astros Houston Astros 34-36
▲ 2
Almost back to .500 after a four-win week, the Astros are still buried in the AL playoff races. However, things are turning around in Houston—even though 2015 Cy Young winner Dallas Keuchel hasn’t won a start since May 28. The Astros really need him to step up.
17 Tampa Bay Rays Tampa Bay Rays 31-36
▼ 2
Scoring just 13 runs in its last five games, Tampa Bay struggled last week at home against some beatable teams. Now the Rays have to take a four-game losing streak on the road for seven games this week (Cleveland and Baltimore). That’s the tough part about blown opportunities, isn’t it?
18 Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh Pirates 33-36
▼ 5
The Bucs are just 4-14 this month, and they’ve dropped 8.5 games in the standings as a result. Pittsburgh has lost 10 of its last 11 now, and both the Giants and the Dodgers have four-game series at PNC Park coming up. The Pirates better wake up now, or it could be over for them in 2016. Weird that the baseball season went downhill as soon as the hockey season ended so well for the city.
19 Colorado Rockies Colorado Rockies 32-36
▼ 5
After winning eight of 10, the Rox went to Miami and lost three straight to the Marlins. By the end of the week, Colorado will be back at home in the safe confines of Coors Field, and perhaps the team can rally there during a seven-game homestand.
20 New York Yankees New York Yankees 34-35
▼ 1
W5, L4, W3 … the Bronx Bombers are all over the place, and that’s why their inconsistency has them in fourth place. Yet only 6.5 games out of first place, the Yankees still can get it together and make a charge. You have to wonder about Manager Joe Girardi’s job security if the team can’t get it going in 2016.
21 Chicago White Sox Chicago White Sox 33-36
▼ 4
What a week for the ChiSox. They started with a walk-off win and ended with two walk-off losses over the weekend. That’s an emotional rollercoaster no team needs to experience. No one on this roster has an OPS over .800 right now, which puts a lot of stress on the pitching staff.
22 Los Angeles Angels Los Angeles Angels 31-38
▼ 1
Four wins in their last five games made the Angels’ week a success. Tim Lincecum won his first start for the team, although it was just against the A’s—and The Freak was hardly dominant. Los Angeles will need more than that to make up the 13.5 games it trails Texas by already.
23 Detroit Tigers Detroit Tigers 34-35
▼ 7
Two walk-off losses really hurt the Tigers this week, as they just have no ability to beat good teams in 2016. With an 8-20 record against teams with winning records, Detroit is proving itself to be below average again this year.
24 San Diego Padres San Diego Padres 29-42
Drew Pomeranz could be an attractive trade piece for the Padres, as they languish 15.5 games out of first place. He’s not due for free agency until 2019, and Pommy is pitching well for San Diego (6-7, 3.00 ERA). We think the Dodgers could make use of a guy like that.
25 Oakland Athletics Oakland Athletics 28-41
▲ 1
The A’s have a better record against teams over .500 than they do against teams under .500, which has to be infuriating to Billy Beane. They keep losing pitchers to the DL, and there’s nothing in the Oakland farm system to help. That rotational ERA of 5.18 is second worst in the majors, and it will keep the team down until the problem is fixed.
26 Milwaukee Brewers Milwaukee Brewers 31-39
▼ 1
A one-win week hurts, especially when two of the losses were of the walk-off nature. Strangely, the Brewers are six games over .500 against teams with losing records this season, which means perhaps they’re on the cusp of moving up in the NL Central hierarchy—but we doubt it.
27 Atlanta Braves Atlanta Braves 23-46
▲ 2
Five straight wins to end the week has people yelling, “Break up the Braves!” Well, not quite, but sweeping the Mets on the road was a nice accomplishment for this young team. Ace Julio Teheran is 3-7 with a 2.66 ERA; he should be the team’s sole All-Star selection in a few weeks.
28 Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati Reds 27-43
So close to having a good week, with three wins and two walk-off losses. Joey Votto is finally starting to hit, with a .990 OPS this month—what we expected all along. The 32-year-old former MVP is signed through 2023, but the Reds may want to think about trading him and rebuilding.
29 Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia Phillies 30-40
▼ 2
Just 6-23 over the last month, the Phillies have come crashing down. Just think how bad they’d be if they didn’t have a 15-6 record in one-run games! Even luck cannot save a bad team from its rightful place in the standings.
30 Minnesota Twins Minnesota Twins 21-48
They ended a five-game losing streak by beating the Yankees on Sunday at home, but the Twins are just bad, bad, bad. They have the worst run differential in MLB right now, and Minnesota is already 17.5 games out of first place on June 20.

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