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Mike Miller

mike miller1 Mike MillerAnswers and responses to questions from beginner to life long gardener are respectfully mixed with timeliness up to moment information and observations related to listener questions and comments. Based upon a life long love of the outdoors in combination with 35 years professional experience and coninued hands on, in the yard work ethic lets Mike feel pain and know joy expereinced by everyone.

Mike appreciates all callers whose topics can range from; a single pot on a window sill or balcony, small urban yard or large suburan landscape, what action to take after storm or wildlife damage, encouraging birds to nest, are all bugs bad, virus and diseases how and when, from underground to sky high. How to’s and beyond of soil improvement, best grass seed in a sunny yard with kids and dogs, repotting an orchid, best fertilizer for spruce trees, how much water do tomatoes require, will killing grubs get rid of moles, how many years will tulips keep blooming, why is algae growing in bird bath, leaves dropping, to a weed growing what can be done. Empathy knowing that good healthy plant growth is many times directly related to nature’s sliding scale of weather.

Yes, times are changing people’s lives are at a faster pace than ever whether conversing, gathering and or exchanging information, with neighbors or across the world, to make this happen it takes right equipment, good knowledge and understanding with flexibility to make adjustments. These time honored facts are really basic to successfully growing plants making them the foundation for KMOX Garden Hotline. Beginning in August 1994 when Mike Miller was asked to host an untried genre on St. Louis’ airwaves he has taken great pleasure in helping with problems, sharing in successes and marveling at how hard listeners and callers worked to make this region a more beautiful place to live and work.

8:00 each Saturday begins with a ‘Good Gardening Stroll’ followed at 9:00 a ‘Tip of the Trowel’ between listeners will hear from Mike; thanking them for having him on their show. Garden Hotline delivers no matter in the rain, sun, cold, hot, or even perfectly wonderful, Mike is there to help with useable, practical, easily understandable information related individual’s question or situation, while reminding listeners to keep an eye out for similar occurrences. Always ready to share a laugh or offer sympathy Mike understands amount of effort that goes into selecting, planting, growing and keeping any plant or landscape idea alive and robust. His thoughts and ideas shared hopefully allowing listeners to have more time to enjoy fruits of their labor.

Mike a four-year Air Force veteran, educated in southern California whose professional experience includes; horticultural staff at MO. Botanical Garden, manager retail garden center, cofounder of predatory insect store, Missouri state licensed pesticide applicator, has been guest speaker at U of Ill., SIUE seminars, MO. Dept. of Natural Resources-Powder Valley, gardener education at MO. Botanical Garden, National Council of State Garden Clubs, served on advisory boards for Forest Park Forever, Brightside St. Louis, and Lafayette Square Park Restoration. Mike has written 5 gardening books and gardening articles featured in both St. Louis Post Dispatch, Suburban Journal and Fine Gardening magazine, is webmaster for which contains monthly updates, info and useful overviews. Mike has been tour host and plant interpreter for KMOX listeners as they traveled to Alaska, Canadian’s Eastern shore and Rockies, Europe, and Western United States. 1998 Mike Miller Designs was started and since has planned landscapes, consulted in yards throughout the area.

Mike and Tracy Anne both St. Louis natives live in Christy Park neighborhood of south St. Louis where colorful containers, lawn, herbs, annual plantings, gazing balls, water features, trees, artwork and shrubs embrace their 1950′s home. They both take pleasure in ethnic food, strolling diverse neighborhoods and parks, listening to a wide range of music, bicycling, bird watching, art fairs, flea markets and simply relaxing.

The KMOX Garden Hotline is sponsored by St. Louis Composting and Allen’s Tree Service.     composting Mike Miller     allens Mike Miller

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What is your favorite St. Louis activity?

Being out of doors; walking, bicycling, eating, and or relaxing

What would you do if you weren’t in radio?
Be a billionaire

Do you have any pets?
No pets

Share one random fact.
Off air, my most-asked question, ‘Where is your bicycle?’

If you could live anywhere else in the country, where would it be?
Key West, Florida

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