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Air Force One is getting an upgrade. CBS News aviation expert Mark Rosenker tells CBSN's Jeff Glor and Gigi Stone Woods that the Air Force will replace the current fleet of presidential planes with Boeing's 747-8 model.
The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety tested more than three dozen late-model vehicles to see if new safety features are preventing deaths. Chip Reid reports on the results.
A small rolling robot may be able to give scientists an idea of the way the magma travels up a volcano during a eruption. 'Volcano Bot Two' can go as much as 100 meters deep. It has an infrared imaging camera that can send live video to the surface while scientists remotely navigate it.
A sophisticated prediction software ran tens of thousands of scenarios and picked one team to win 60 percent of the time
No immediate reports of damage or injuries, no threat of tsunami
Google said the site's staff can't keep up with - and take down - all the terrorist propaganda and violent material that gets posted
In a one-day-only promotion, the ride service is taxiing pups to homes and offices for 15-minute blocks of playtime
NASA pauses to memorialize the astronauts who lost their lives in the Apollo, Challenger and Columbia tragedies
From saving water to building wind turbines, pro teams and leagues are making a play to green up their games
What is behind the wild popularity of TV shows on Netflix? According to the company, it's all about data, but there's also some intuition. CBSN's Elaine Quijano speaks to New Yorker editor Nicholas Thompson about Netflix dancing between intuition and judgment and data when predicting a hit TV show.

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