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"We can't let another country win this -- giant robots are Japanese culture"
The Pluto-bound New Horizons is out of safe mode and ready to resume science operations, one week from its historic flyby
Using their legs as sails and silk as anchors, spiders can travel on water to escape predators and colonize new habitats
For its 20th birthday, the mega-shopping site will woo new customers to its subscription service with a day of massive sales
Pao, who recently lost a landmark bias case, is under fire after a popular employee was let go
A new study finds driverless cabs could significantly cut emissions from vehicles, especially in big cities
The small, relatively inexpensive vehicles could replace humans in a variety of ways around large farms
The Hacking Team suffered a major security breach
Online retailer Amazon celebrates its 20th anniversary
This image, sent back by NASA's Galileo spacecraft, shows the moon covered with deep red gashes that look oddly biological