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The smartphone maker's latest attempt to reduce reliance on Google's Android operating system suffers another setback
Six volunteers spent four months simulating life on Mars in a base atop a Hawaiian volcano. What did they miss most?
The FAA allows hobbyists to use the unmanned aircraft, but professors at private universities and colleges may be out of luck
The popular podcast app, which learns that you like and don't like, reportedly will be shut down
If the impact that caused mass extinction had come a few million years earlier or later, scientists say dinosaurs might have survived
Pictures showing woman using makeup from downed Malaysia Airlines flight posted to Instagram, spark outrage online
App uses optical-character recognition to read menus, compare offerings to international wine database
Congress passes bill that President Obama says he'll sign to allow users to unlock cellphones to use with different carriers
Using a mathematical model, researchers found that people who tell certain types of lies tend to form stronger social bonds
Lyft reached a deal with state regulators to start limited car service with commercial drivers only