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Onetime Anonymous hacker, responsible for some of the most notorious hacks ever, weighs in on North Korea's capabilities
If Jaws were a robot that worked for the U.S. military, this is what it would look like
A new report that finds Arctic warming is affecting global weather bodes well for algae, less so for polar bears
Engineers searching for Rosetta's Philae lander hope to pinpoint its location soon, hopeful the craft will be awoken by the sun
Citing unresolved health issues, New York governor recommends prohibiting fracking in the state
John Chen is "not nervous" about BlackBerry's future, which hangs in part on a return to its past
The recent breach at Sony Pictures is calling into question whether anything can be kept private, even when using apps that are designed to eventually erase messages. CNET senior editor Jeff Bakalar joins CBSN with more.
Holiday light displays are changing the way Americans use energy, and the suburbs are stealing some of the shine from big cities

City lights from space

Images from the European Space Agency show what cities around the world look like at night from space
It's all fun and games until someone dislocates a knee, wets himself or has a stroke

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