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Charlie Brennan – September 9 – NFL’s Ray Rice and Domestic Abuse; Richard Mark of Ameren; Thomas Harvey, Prof. John Ammann; Judge Frank Vatterott; Michael Gillani and Brad Wiley of LoanCaddie

Charlie and Debbie with Karen Kirk of Lydia’s House, and with Thomas Harvey of City Arch Defenders and SLU Law School Prof. John Ammann. Charlie talks with Ameren Illinois President and CEO Richard Mark; with Municipal Court Judge Frank Vatterott; and with Michael Gillani and Brad Wiley of Loan Caddie.



Charlie Brennan – Monday, September 8 – Ray Hartmann on Missouri’s Gun Obsession; Larry Swedroe on State of the Markets

Charlie talks with STL Magazine’s Ray Hartmann about “Missouri’s Gun Obsession” and “Party to the Max”; and with Market Analyst Larry Swedroe.



Charlie Brennan – Friday, September 5 – Sleep Expert Dr. Judith Owens; USAF Major General Jack Griffith and Ellen Krohne on Scott Air Force Base

Charlie talks with Sleep Expert Dr. Judith Owens about teens and school start time; and with USAF Major General Jack Griffith and Ellen Krohne about the future of Scott Air Force Base.



Charlie Brennan – Thursday, September 4- SLU Law Prof. John Ammann on Amnesty for Non-Violent Offenders in Ferguson; Peter Bronson; Ron Himes

Charlie and Debbie talk with SLU Law Prof. John Ammann about amnesty for non-violent ordinance offenders in Ferguson MO; Charlie talks with Cincy Magazine Contributing Editor Peter Bronson about his WSJ article, “Lessons for Ferguson from Cincinnati’s 2001 Riots”; and with The Black Rep’s Ron Himes about the seasoner opener and the upcoming season.



Charlie Brennan – Wednesday, September 3 – MLB Hall-of-Famer Orlando Cepeda; STL Cards Broadcaster Mike Shannon

Charlie talks with MLB Hall-of-Famer Orlando Cepeda; and with STL Cards Broadcaster Mike Shannon.



Charlie Brennan – Tuesday, September 2 – Ty Benefiel of MeterGenius

Charlie talks with STL Entrepreneur Ty Benefiel, co-founder of MeterGenius.



Charlie Brennan – Thursday, August 28 – One Direction Concert; Nine-Year-Old with Uzi; Sejla Grahovic

Did you take your daughter to the One Direction concert in St. Louis last night? What was it like? Charlie and Debbie with listener calls. Also,Charlie talks with Sejla Grahovic, Bosnia immigrant and St. Louis resident, who has written a book about her immigration to America and her fleeing war torn Bosnia in the 90’s.



Charlie Brennan – Wednesday, August 27 – Nicole Hudson; Mike Shannon; Dan McLaughlin

Charlie and Debbie talk with Nicole Hudson, who is challenging people to talk about what they have done differently over the past two weeks after Ferguson; Charlie talks with STL Cardinals Broadcasters Mike Shannon and Dan McLaughlin.



Charlie Brennan – Tuesday, August 26 – Al Sharpton; Delia Ephron; Rex Sinquefield; Matthew Kulig; STL Blues Pres. Chris Zimmerman

Charlie and Debbie talk about the Rev. Al Sharpton’s eulogy yesterday at the funeral of Michael Brown; Charlie talks with Bestselling Author and Screenwriter Delia Ephron; with Rex Sinquefield about the 2014 Sinquefield Cup chess tournament in St. Louis; with Entrepreneur Matthew Kulig of Aisle 411; and with the new St. Louis President Chris Zimmerman about the upcoming hockey season.



Charlie Brennan – Monday, August 25 – Prof. Elizabeth Loftus on Reliability of Eyewitness Testimony

Charlie talks with Univ. of Cal.-Irvine Professor Elizabeth Loftus about the reliability of eyewitness testimony.



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