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Producer Dave’s Daddy Blog: Parenting Advice From Fifth Graders

Kacie’s students wrote a book that was presented to her at the end of last school year. The book is filled with all sorts of advice for both of us on how to raise the boys. I thought I would share a few of my favorites.


Taste the Town with Mark and Cat: Strange Donuts

Strange has recently announced, a new store will open in Tulsa, Oklahoma next year.


Reardon & Hrabe’s KC Road Trip Playlist

What’s a good road trip without the perfect soundtrack?


Reardon & Hrabe On The Road To KC For Chiefs Vs. Packers

KMOX’s Mark Reardon and Chris Hrabe are hitting the road!


Animal Cruelty Charge for Woman Who Tied Shoelace Around Dog’s Muzzle

Sarah Boothby, 24, wrote the caption “When you chew up mommy’s show laces…” alongside the picture showing a purple shoelace clamping the dog’s mouth shut.


VIDEO: Seal Jumps Onto Boat To Escape Killer Whales

A YouTube user uploaded a video of a seal jumping onto the rear deck of his boat in British Columbia to escape killer whales swimming nearby.

NewsRadio 1120 KMOX–08/24/2016

Producer Dave’s Daddy Blog: Clogged Up

Let me start off by saying that if you’re squeamish about baby poop, you can stop reading this blog right now. Just a fair warning.


Producer Dave’s Daddy Blog: 10 Things I’ve Learned Since The Boys Have Come Home

8. You have time to watch a lot of TV. Thank you, Netflix and “Law & Order: SVU” marathons.


Police lights

Black Police Officer On The World He Faces On The Streets

Read what a police officer in Palm Beach County, Florida, writes about what he faces on the streets.


Former WIRED Editor Explains Why He Owns The AR-15

Jon Stokes wants Americans to have an understanding of how real people view and use the AR-15.


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