2014 Navy Week in St. Louis


Charlie Brennan – Thursday, May 1st – Ill. Att’y General Lisa Madigan; Ryan Williams; Chief Jason Null

Charlie with Ill. Att’y General Lisa Madigan; with Actor Ryan Williams; and with Chief Jason Null, U.S. Navy, in St. Louis this week for 2014 Navy Week.



Charlie Brennan – Tuesday, April 29th – Navy Week with Petty Officer Daniel McCluskey; STL Taxicab Driver Give His Two Cents on Lyft; NY Resident Michael Naess on Airbnb; STL Entrepreneur Ryan Bell

Charlie talks with Navy Petty Officer Daniel McCluskey; Charlie and Debbie talk with “Basil”, member of the STL Metropolitan Taxi Cab Commission about Lyft; Michael Naess on AIRbnb; and with STL Entrepreneur Ryan Bell, founder of Gremln.


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