4th of July

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Fair Saint Louis Preview

The 32nd annual Fair Saint Louis promises three perfect days of free entertainment — including Heart, Third Eye blind and Dierks Bently — all right on the grounds surrounding the city’s iconic Gateway Arch. Two 4th of July runs, a parade and an air show make this a celebration of independence like none other. If you miss it, the fair will continue to host summer concerts, but this weekend is one to spend in St. Louis doing it up right at one of the best fairs this area has to offer.


Jack Buck

Jack Buck Poems: Holidays & History

Among various topics, holidays and historical events came up in Jack’s poetry. Here are samples of poems Jack wrote about the 4th of July, Memorial Day, September 11th and D-Day.



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Top Spots for 4th of July Fireworks

With so many cities and communities in the St. Louis area, there is no shortage of opportunities to see some fireworks. Here are some of the best displays around.