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TIAM: We’re Off To Iowa, Learn About Fracking, Meet Jacob “Hops” Tucker & TV Guide’s Matt Roush

Tonight is the night for the Iowa caucuses. Fracking and earthquakes. Jacob “Hops” Tucker stopped by.


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TIAM: The House Is Still At It In D.C., Grand Theft Auto & TV Season Enders

They’re still working in D.C. He created “Grand Theft Auto”. Lots to talk about with Matt Roush of TV Guide.



TIAM: Airport Design, Congress Goes Back To Work, Best Schools & TV Remembers 9-11

Airport design in the years since 9-11. Congress goes back to work today. We found out what the top traits of great schools are. TV looks back 10 years to 9-11-2010.



TIAM: Congress & The President

The President and Congress get snarky with each other. Again. Toxins in your home and how to get rid of them. Can Google + take Facebook down a few pegs?


Studio B Mic.

TIAM: Debt Ceiling

Whipping them into shape in D.C. and Dr. Joe on surgeries you may not need.



TIAM: The Gang Of Six, Big Boeing & Go The “F**K To Sleep

The Gang Of Six is at it again. American Airlines is buying planes from Boeing. Adam Mansbach wrote “Go The F**K To Sleep.


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Total Information AM – Thursday, April 14th

A.P. Capitol Correspondent Jerry Bodlander talks about President Obama’s budget plans that were rolled out yesterday, and we hear from Jefferson City Capitol correspondent Phil Brooks, Dr. Joe Primrose, and Tony Award winner Alice Ripley.



Total Information AM – Thursday, March 10th

The A.P.’s Jerry Bodlander talked with us about Rep. Peter King’s hearing that will take place later today. We also spoke with Dr. Joe Primrose about pulminary embolisms. And finally, we chatted with Rich McClure the CEO of United Van Lines and this weekend’s UnderCover Boss on CBS.



Total Information AM – Wednesday, March 2nd

Jerry Bodlander spoke with us about the current budget battle and whether he thinks the government will shut down, and we heard from writer Amy Chua and Nancy Lieberman from Go! St. Louis.


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Total Information AM – Monday, February 14th

President Obama will roll his budget out later today. We spoke with A.P. Capitol Hill correspondent Jerry Bodlander about some of the high (and low) points in that budget.

Doug and Debbie talked cyber terrorism Lt. General Harry Raduege of the Deloitte Center for Cyber Innovation.

Pitchers and catchers are reporting in Jupiter which is where our Kevin Wheeler is. We talked with him about the Albert Pujols contract situation and more.




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