A.P. Capitol Correspondent Jerry BodlanderWe head to Kentucky to look into their primary election.
TIAM: More On ObamaCareWhat's going on today with the ACA.
TIAM: We Went Back To Washington D.C. TodayIs an end to the government shutdown in sight?
TIAM: Day Two Of Supreme Court ActionWhat will the court hear today?
TIAM: Jill's Back, Mr. Romney Has His Man And Heads To Florida & Driverless CarsJill takes care of business. His name is Paul Ryan. Technology is on a roll in your car of the future.
TIAM: Day 3 Of Health Care Arguments, Homers For Health & Bell LaboratoriesThe Supreme Court hears a 3rd day of healthcare arguments. Matt Holiday talks with Debbie. We find out about Bell Laboratories.
TIAM: Mitt Takes 6 Of 10 & Former President Jimmy CarterThe GOP campaign continues after Super Tuesday. President Carter spoke with us about the middle east.
TIAM: State Of The Union Tonight, 84th Academy Awards & TV Guide's Matt RoushState of the Union Speech is tonight. The Academy Awards are coming up. American Idol ratings are down.
TIAM: The Web Vs. SOPA, The SC Primary Is Saturday & Christine Whitman On Nuclear PowerWe learned about SOPA from Brad Young. The Palmetto State primary is this Saturday. Christine Whitman on nuclear power.
TIAM: It's All Over In Iowa, Conventions In St. Louis, Cuts In Military Budgets & The New GPS.Iowa breathes a sigh of relief. We look at convention business for St. Louis in 2012.
TIAM: We're Off To Iowa, Learn About Fracking, Meet Jacob "Hops" Tucker & TV Guide's Matt RoushTonight is the night for the Iowa caucuses. Fracking and earthquakes. Jacob "Hops" Tucker stopped by.
TIAM: The House Is Still At It In D.C., Grand Theft Auto & TV Season EndersThey're still working in D.C. He created "Grand Theft Auto". Lots to talk about with Matt Roush of TV Guide.

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