A.P. Tony Winton

Studio B 4 AM

TIAM: The Presidential Debates Are Over

At long last the debates are done.


Downtown From The Air

TIAM: Isaac Is Hanging Around, The RNC Continues & It Had To Be Vultures

We head to Mississippi for an Isaac update. Plus, heard went to Tampa. Vultures!


St. Louis Blues

TIAM: George Zimmerman Charged, Dr. Joe On Sports Injuries & Minnie Driver

George Zimmerman charged with 2nd degree murder. Dr. Joe on sports injuries and Minnie Driver is coming to town.


Patriotic Glasses

TIAM: Florida Primary Is Today, The St. Louis American Idol Tryouts Are This Week & World’s Best Bricklayer

Voters go to the polls today. St. Louis is in the American Idol spotlight. He lays brick better than anybody else!


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