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They Are Running The Boston Marathon Today

Warren Levinson spoke with us from the Boston Marathon.


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TIAM: The Aftermath Of The Bombings In Boston

We get an update after the Boston Marathon bombings.



TIAM: It’s Presidential Debate #2 Tonight

It’s presidential primer time.



TIAM: We Remember Those Lost On This Day

9-11 Remembered.


NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab Holds Viewing Of Mars Curiosity Rover Landing

TIAM: It All Comes Down To 2 States, Curiosity Is On Mars & The Summer Games Continue

How Barack Obama can be re-elected. Mars has a new visitor and the summer games continue in London.



TIAM: Occupy Wall Street On The Move, Co-Sleeping VS. Bed-Sharing & Stem Jobs For You

Protestors on the move in New York. Children who die while sleeping. Buying things we don’t need. STEM Jobs.


Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Image

Total Information AM – Tuesday, June 14th

We learned about an upcoming addition to the St. Louis sports scene when we talked with Solutia’s Jeff Quinn. Then it was off to New Hampshire for a re-cap of last night’s GOP Debate. Vincent DiCaro of the National Fatherhood Initiative told us about children in this country being raised without their biological father and TV Guide’s Matt Roush talked about the Daytime Emmy show that’s coming up Sunday.


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