abortion rights

A GOP lawmaker in Missouri introduced a bill that requires pregnant women to receive written consent from the father of the child before an abortion can be performed – or in exceptional cases of “legitimate rape.” Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

House Passes Bill Tripling Abortion Waiting Period

The bill would extend the amount of time between a woman’s doctor visit and her procedure to 72 hours. Missouri now has a 24-hour waiting period.


Mare Florentio, St. Louis Animal Rights Team protesting outside Washington University, St. Louis

Animal Rights Protestors Target Washington Univeristy

ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)–Some twenty animal rights activists from around the country, in town for an anti-vivisection conference, demonstrated outside Washington University to accuse the school of “inhumane” and “unnecessarily ” animal experiments on everything from cats […]


Paul Ryan (Photo credit: SAUL LOEB/AFP/GettyImages)

Opinion: Paul Ryan And The War on Women

If you like the GOP war on women, you are going to love Paul Ryan. After all, Ryan’s record on women’s health could easily be mistaken for one of W. Mitt Romney’s primary opponents, Rick Santorum.


Bridget van Means, President of ThriVe St. Louis with daughter Kailin

Conservatives Rally Downtown, Calling for Repeal of “Obamacare”

Receptive crowd applauds effort to bring change in November


Protestors outside Romney rally in Kirkwood, Mo.

Protestors Warn Romney is Not for “The Everyman”

Appearing outside Romney’s Kirkwood rally, a crowd of protestors vented on their issues


Planned Parenthood, Jeff City

Abortion Rights and Religious Advocates Clash in State Capitol

Sen. John Lamping, said every business should have a right to choose what health care coverage it provides to its employees.


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