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Mizzou Loses Library Science Accreditation

Officials say they will appeal


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Most St. Louis Area Police Departments Aren’t Accredited

Better Together spokesman Dave Leipholtz says their recent study found that among 60 departments that patrol the St. Louis region, accreditation is by far the exception rather than the rule.


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Aggressive Approach to Academic Achievement

Department of Education unveils proposal to avoid loss of accreditation for school districts.


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Local State Lawmakers Propose School Transfer Overhaul

The four senators, two Democrats and two Republicans, say their legislation makes much-needed modifications.


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Normandy Reverses Decision, Will Pay Tuition Bills for Transfer Students

Only one board member cast a dissenting vote, making the analogy it was like handing someone a pistol and ask them to kill themselves.


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Normandy to Pay Transportation Costs, Not Tuition

The vote came Thursday morning during a special meeting at the district’s headquarters.


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Normandy Parents Lash Out in Town Hall Forum

Parents are angry because they see their district as worsening after an exodus of students from the unaccredited district over the summer.


St. Louis School Superintendent Dr. Kelvin Adams

St. Louis Superintendent Discusses First Day, Transfers

“My heart goes out to those two superintendents who started July 1st. They’ve been on the job roughly six weeks and obviously they have a very challenging situation.”


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Nixon Will Not Call Special Session on Unaccredited Schools

The governor says there are some ways improve Missouri education but he is leaving it up to state legislators and will not call them into a special session, as some have suggested he do.



SLPS Officials Aren’t Sweating Changes to State’s Accreditation Formula

Missouri school districts are getting a first look at how they’ll rank under changes to the state’s accreditation formula.



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