File photo of a baby alligator. Photo: Thinkstock

Missouri Man Faces Charge in Alligator Theft

A Missouri man is facing theft charges after authorities say he stole two live alligators from a pet store by stuffing them into his shorts pocket.


File photo of an alligator. Photo: Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Fisherman Catches Alligator in Missouri Pond

The Missouri Department of Conservation says it was a pet that had been released.


Alligator found inside O'Hare Airport (credit: WBBM AM/Twitter)

Alligator In An Airport?

Reptile found Friday inside O’Hare International Airport in Chicago.


Drive through surprise: Gator to go

Couple Catch Live Alligator in Joplin Pothole

Steve Wiktorek and Sheila Burke were returning from work Sunday when they noticed movement in the pothole. The couple, along with Burke’s daughter, used a broom and rake to corral it.


fake gator 2

Independence Police Shoot Concrete Alligator

You’ve heard of stupid criminals ….



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