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How To Help Your Kids Choose The Best Extra-Curricular Activities

Help your kids learn and prepare for the future through after-school activities.


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Illinois Senate Upholds Veto Of ‘Smoker Discrimination’ Bill

The bill that would have allowed a private company to discriminate by not hiring smokers. They upheld the governor’s veto of the bill.


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TIAM: Where Did All The MO Tobacco Settlement Money Go?

Who ended up with all the cash?


Local Cancer Specialist Stresses Need For More Mammograms

Dr. Christina Dougherty, says women should begin annual screening mammography at the age of 40 and continue as long as they’re healthy enough to do it.



Missouri Falling Short on Cancer-Fighting Policies

“When it comes to tabacco and other preventative cares, we are coming very very short,” said a local American Cancer Society spokesperson.


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National Cancer Study Looking For Committed Volunteers

Local volunteers are being sought for a historic cancer research study.


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New Study on Ultrasound Screening for Breast Cancer

Dr. Dione Farria’s advice to women — think twice about ultrasound at this point because the negatives counteract the benefits.


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St. Charles County Smoking Ban Sees First Light

The hearing brought out some big name constituents, including the one whose name is on the tips of everybody’s tounge.



TIAM: Raising Tobacco Taxes, Falling Satellite, Joplin Revisited, Testosterone & Pixar’s Bill Joyce

Tobacco taxes and the American Cancer Society. A satellite is going to fall to earth. We head back to Joplin. Testosterone and you. Pixar’s Bill Joyce



Charlie Brennan – Tuesday, August 30th

A pro/con on Aerotropolis, a China hub at Lambert Airport…U.S. Cong. Russ Carnahan on extending payroll tax cuts…Steve Zesch of the STL Cardinals talking about the “2011 St. Louis Cardinals Yearbook”…and, Dan Badock of Soulard’s Restaurant about your chance to help the American Cancer Society.



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