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Study: Missouri Faces A Serious Pension Problem

The study claims the real value of unfunded pension liabilities is not the $11.1 billion currently reported, but nearly $54 billion.


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TIAM: It’s All Over In Florida, Europe’s Money Woes & Covering The Cardinals During Spring Training

The dust is settling in Florida this morning. Your 401-k and Europe are tied together. You might be our next spring training reporter.



The Mark Reardon Show – Nugent, Nugent, Voter ID, Debt Limit, and Nugent

Legendary rocker Ted Nugent joins Mark all hour to discuss everything from rock n’ roll to politics Denise Lieberman with The Advancement Project tells us about their effort to stop the Voter Photo ID ballot […]



Mark Reardon Show – Class Warfare, Looking at Busch Dynasty

Class Warfare Alex Brill, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, gives his analysis on President Obama calling for tax increases on corporations and the wealthy. Downfall of Busch Dynasty Bloomberg Businessweek Editor Sheela Kolhatkar, […]



The Mark Reardon Show – Monday, June 13th

Palin Under Fire Conservative blogger John Ziegler stirs the pot with a new entry on Sarah Palin and he joins Mark to tell us all about it. Presidential Debate Preview Tonight is the New Hampshire […]


The Mark Reardon Show – Wednesday, April 27th

To Pledge the Allegiance, or not Marybeth Hicks is a columnist for the Washington Times and she tells us about a Texas school agreeing to let two students sit during the Pledge of Allegiance. Why […]



Mark Reardon Show – Wednesday, April 13th

Carol Crudden, owner of the Boutique Ziezo in the Loop, tells us about the unruly teenagers parading through the U-City Loop, and we hear from Missouri Senator Roy Blunt, resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute Michael Barone, and head of Demographia Wendell Cox.



Charlie Brennan – Wednesday, March 30th

True or false? All French wine comes from Missouri vines. Charlie talks with Joe Pollack, who explains. Charlie also talks about high speed rail from STL to Kansas City, and about how a corporation like G.E. went tax-free last year.


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