Anthony Lupo

The Mark Reardon Show: New Atmospheric Finding, Missouri Senator Blunt

Dr. Anthony Lupo, professor of atmospheric science at Mizzou, tells us about a new finding on carbon dioxide and whether or not it makes the planet warmer. U.S. Senator Roy Blunt joins Mark to discuss […]


The Mark Reardon Show: Primary Preview, Presidential Hopeful, Prosper and Hip, Climate Gate, NAVY SEAL, Obama Bucks

Josh Kraushaar, executive editor of The Hotline at the National Journal, previews Illinois’ primaries. GOP Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum joins Mark to give us an update on his campaign before tomorrow’s Illinois primary. Peter Ferrara […]


The Mark Reardon Show: GOP Primary Review, The Finger-Gesture Debate, Climate Wars, China Hub

Josh Kraushaar, executive editor of The Hotline at The National Journal, wraps yesterday’s GOP primaries in Michigan and Arizona. Alderman Shamed Dogan tells us why Ballwin has backed off its finger-gesture citation. Branson MO Mayor […]



The Mark Reardon Show: Climate Change?

Anthony Lupo, atmospheric sciences professor at the University of Missouri Columbia, discusses the ongoing climate change controversy.


The Mark Reardon Show: Payday Loan Restrictions, Jeff City Student Returns Home, Presidential Picks, ClimateGate 2.0, Defense Cuts

Molly Fleming-Pierre with the Communities Creating Opportunity and Randy Scherr with the United Payday Lenders of Missouri tell us the pro’s and con’s on the battle looming over Missouri payday loan restrictions. Derrik Sweeney of […]


Over One Hundred Dead As Major Tornado Devastates Joplin, Missouri

The Mark Reardon Show – Tuesday, May 24th

Update on Recovery Efforts KSPR TV’s Jonah Kaplan gives us the latest update on the recovery efforts following the Joplin tornado. Linking Natural Disasters to Climate Change An article was written linking a connection between […]



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