Asperger’s Syndrome

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Principal Resigns After Student With Asperger’s Syndrome Attacked At School

A middle school principal resigned after a student with Asperger’s syndrome was brutally attacked while at school.


Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza.

Experts: Don’t Blame Asperger’s For Newtown

There’s no evidence that suggests that people who have Asperger’s are more likely than anybody else to commit homicide, expert said.


Missouri Man Chronicles Life With Asperger’s

Aaron Likens says living with a form of autism “is like running hurdles and not jumping.”


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TIAM: Jill On Money, Paul On The Presidency, Mike On The Cardinals & Aaron On Asperger’s

What will the markets do this week? The latest polling numbers from Gallop. Mike Shannon and Tom Ackerman. Living with Asperger’s.


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