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Police Probe Suburban St. Louis House Fire That Kills Man

Authorities in suburban St. Louis’ University City are probing as suspicious the cause of a weekend house fire that killed a man despite efforts by at least one neighbor to save him.


Employees of Purina headquarters in St. Louis wave to a drone camera on June 26, 2015, as they attempt to set a world record for most pets in a workplace. (KMOX/Brad Choat)

Purina Employees Attempt World Record on ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’

The employees of Purina in downtown St. Louis took advantage of “National Take Your Dog to Work Day” on Friday to try and set a world record for most pets in the workplace in one day.



Boy Reports Attempted Abduction in Granite City

Boy rode off when he realized man was a stranger.



Police: ‘Suspicious’ Man Tries To Abduct Belleville Girl

Man uses dog to lure girl, attempts to abduct her.


Body Found

Woman Shot in Head, But Who Pulled the Trigger?

Police: “Suicide attempt” may not be what it appears.


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