Attorney General Lisa Madigan

Springfield, IL

Legal Fight Over State Worker Pay Sees 2 Key Rulings Friday

The legal ping pong over paying Illinois government workers without a budget took new bounces Friday, with appellate justices reversing one order and the Supreme Court declining to step into the fray.


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Illinois High Court Rejects Intervention on State Paychecks

The Illinois Supreme Court has denied a request by state officials to decide the issue of paying government workers during the budget crisis.


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Illinois Attorney General is Not Sure About Paying Workers

Attorney General Lisa Madigan raised doubts Monday about Gov. Bruce Rauner’s plan to continue paying state employees even if there’s no budget agreement by Wednesday.


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Central Ill. Man Facing Child Pornography Charges

A central Illinois man has been charged with possessing and distributing thousands of computer files containing child pornography, prosecutors said Thursday.


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Lawmaker Urges “Common Sense” Concealed Carry Law

Federal judge ruled in December that the state’s concealed carry ban was unconstitutional.


Update: Battle Lines Drawn on Illinois Concealed Carry

Gun control advocates urged Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to quickly appeal the ruling.


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Legal Help for Ill. Homeowners Facing Foreclosure

The money will allow legal aid organizations to hire lawyers and paralegals to represent homeowners.


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$3M Of Settlement To Fund Foreclosure Help In Ill.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan made the announcement Tuesday.


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Owe Money, Miss a Court Date, Go to Jail?

An association representing debt collectors says there’s no “debtors’ prison” in Illinois


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Illinois Cracks Down on Fake Pot

“It’s been unbelievable because even though the law has changed that clearly outlaws virtually every synthetic drug, all the fake pot that’s out there, we’re still finding it’s readily available.”


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