Autism Speaks

Study Finds Infant’s Eyes Could Signal Autism

Researchers at Emory University, led by Dr. Warren Jones, studied eye movements in babies from birth to three years of age.



TIAM Weekend: Angela Dettmers, Dan McLaughlin

Executive Director for the St. Louis chapter of Autism Speaks, Angela Dettmers joins Brian and Maria to discuss the annual St. Louis Walk Now for Autism. Fox Sports Midwest’s Cardinals broadcaster Dan McLaughlin comments on […]


St. Louis lights up blue

TIAM Weekend: World Autism Day & Rich Amsinger

Find out why St. Louis buildings and landmarks will be lit up in blue on Monday, April 2. Also, discover how you can help bass player Rich Amsinger from ‘The Heaters’.


Apple iPad 2 - 16GB - $499.00 (other models at varying prices)

Grant for iPads to Help Autistic Students at St. Louis High School

The iPads will help students better communicate and socialize with their families and classmates.


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