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Back to school

Talking About Bullying

Talking To Your Kids About Bullying

Being the victim of a relentless bully can be a distraction and even a danger to kids. As a parent, it is important to recognize the signs of bullying, know how to talk to your children about bullies and establish an appropriate reaction to a bully situation.


(photo credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

Pick-A-Side: Who Is Your Favorite School Teacher?

It’s time to pick a side, who is your favorite TV or movie school teacher?


European Union Promotes Child Nutrition

Green Living for the School Year

Going back to school is a time for change. Here are some ways to change our habits and help the planet this school year.


Emily Killeen with her Justin Bieber toothbrush

Kevin Killeen’s Whole ‘nother Story — Life of a 5th Grade Girl

They’re teaching about the machine age at school, but the only machine Emily appreciates is the toothbrush that plays Justin Bieber songs while you brush.



Kevin Killeen’s Whole ‘nother Story — Summer Break Over, Back to School

The new school year forces us to realize we can’t summer our way through life


School bus

Missouri Maintains School Bus Safety

Inspections are underway to keep kids in safe hands on their way to school.


Back to School

Financially Strapped Illinois Drops Sales Tax Holiday

The Department of Revenue isn’t saying why the sales tax holiday wasn’t renewed, how much it cost the state to implement the program, or if it improved sales in border communities.