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St. Louis County Could Get Option to Ban Speed Cameras

A quiet movement is under way for a ballot measure to let voters decide whether to ban most speed enforcement cameras in St. Louis County.


Pheasant Hunting, Ill.

Lawmaker Wants Additional Protection for Mo. Hunters

House Republican Don Ruzicka wants to make it harder for voters to change the state’s hunting, fishing and forestry laws.


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Judge Strikes Down Missouri’s Photo ID Ballot Measure

That measure would have appeared on the November 6th general election ballot.



ACLU Getting Involved in Control of St. Louis Police

The ACLU says the language is inadequate because fails to mention that the measure could exempt St. Louis police from certain open records requirements.


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Ballot Measure Would Limit Payday Loans

Critics say the proposal would make it harder for some Missourians to get credit.


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Ballot Measure Would Make it Harder for Lawmakers to Overhaul Petitions

The measure would make it more difficult for state lawmakers to overhaul initiatives that win approval from Missouri voters.


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