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DEERFIELD BEACH, FL - JUNE 17:  Broward Sheriff's Office deputy Greg Edlund runs his K-9 dog, Hoover, over a stolen car for any signs of drugs, including the a drug known as Flakka, on June 17, 2015 in Deerfield Beach, Florida.  The Sheriff's Office is on the front lines to keep people from the drug, categorized as a bath salts, which has become an epidemic among users because the cheap synthetic drug made in overseas pharmaceutical plants can be swallowed in capsule form, snorted, injected, or smoked via an e-cigarette. Some of the effects of the drug include body overheating, a heightened sense of euphoria and greater propensity for uncontrollable violence.  (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

New Hallucinogenic Drug ‘Flakka’ May be in St. Louis

The synthetic stimulant is a cousin of bath salt and has led to violent episodes and suicides.


A retail container of synthetic drugs seized by U.S. Attorney in St. Louis, as part of arrest of 28 suspects

28 Charged in Synthetic Drug Bust

28 people face federal drug trafficking charges related to the sale and production of bath salts and other synthetic drugs.



Man Gets Prison Time for Snatching Package

Twenty-six-year-old Greg Carroll of Brownstown has been sentenced to six months in prison for bolting from a post office with a package.



Coroner: SE Mo. Man Died from Bath Salts

Synthetic drugs are blamed in the death of a Poplar Bluff man who died while in police custody.


Examples of fake "bath salts," displayed by Senate Drug Policy Committee.

Cape Girardeau’s Bath Salts Problem Helped by Ban

A year ago, Cape Girardeau and the rest of Southeast Missouri was said to be a hotbed for bath salt users.


Synthetic Drugs

DEA to Synthetic Drugs Makers: We’re Coming for You

The DEA seized more than $36 million in cash, arrested 91 people, and led to 5 million packets of synthetic drugs being removed from the public.



Missouri Man Professing To Be God Died From Bath Salts

An autopsy found that a southwest Missouri man who died after a confrontation with police had used a synthetic compound known as bath salts.


Fake Pot 2, Getty Images

Illinois Cracks Down on Fake Pot

“It’s been unbelievable because even though the law has changed that clearly outlaws virtually every synthetic drug, all the fake pot that’s out there, we’re still finding it’s readily available.”



Bath Salt Snorting Still a Problem in St. Louis

The DEA is seeking a nationwide ban on the sale and possession of the product.


Scott Olson/Getty Images

Ill. Governor Talks Up New Drug Laws

The new laws crack down on some overlooked drugs, including hallucinogens in bath salts.



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