Bill Stouffer

The Mark Reardon Show: I-70 Tolls, Student Loan Forgiveness Act, Eco-Tyranny, Playoff Tickets

State Senator Bill Stouffer updates Mark on the proposed toll road on I-70. Attorney Robert Applebaum joins Mark to explain the Student Loan Forgiveness Act. Meteorologist Brian Sussman has written a new book called “Eco […]


mountain_lion 2

Should Killing Mountain Lions Be Legal in Missouri?

Bill would define the big cats as an ‘invasive species’.


Mountain lions

Bill Would Allow Killing Missouri Mountain Lions

The Department of Conservation says Missouri has had 27 confirmed mountain lion sightings since 1994.


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The Mark Reardon Show: Payroll Tax Cut, A Newt Point, Cell Phone Ban

Illinois Congressman John Shimkus tells us what’s next for the payroll tax cut that passed the House and moves on to the Senate. Josh Kraushaar of the National Journal talks about his latest column “The […]


Jefferson City, MO

Republican Senator to Run for Secretary of State

Sen. Scott Rupp of Wentzville announced his candidacy Monday during a live radio interview.



The Mark Reardon Show – In Defense of Flogging, Voter ID

Peter Moskos tells us why flogging is an alternative to jailtime. Bill Stouffer says a lawsuit is trying to block the Missouri Voter ID legislation.


Bill Stouffer

Stouffer for Mo. Secretary of State

Central Missouri Republican throws hat in ring.


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