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Missouri Bill Targets United Nations Agreement

The bill cleared the House 118-37 on Wednesday and passed the Senate earlier this year. It now goes to Gov. Jay Nixon.


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Missouri Lawmakers Pass Bill Nullifying Federal Gun Control Laws

The Missouri House voted 118-36 Wednesday to send the bill to Democratic Governor Jay Nixon.


Missouri Bill Notifies Prosecutor If Sex Offender Freed

The Legislature has sent Gov. Jay Nixon a bill that would notify local prosecutors when a sexually violent offender has been released.


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Insurance Cards Could Go Digital Under Missouri Bill

The smartphone era could spare Missouri motorists from digging through their glove boxes for their insurance cards.


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Missouri House OKs Measure Targeting UN Agreement

The legislation bars Missouri state or local officials from adopting policies outlined in a 1992 United Nations document that could affect private property rights.


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Illinois Bill Designed to Protect Teen Football Players Fumbles in Committee

State lawmakers are worry about them getting hurt on the gridiron, but not everyone is for a government-as-nanny-state.


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Missouri Lawmaker Wants To Eliminate Daylight Saving

The days of changing clocks twice a year could come to an end under a proposal pending in the Missouri Legislature.



Missouri Senate to Take Up Stan Musial Bridge Bill

The measure was approved by the Senate’s transportation committee last week and has been placed on the Senate’s debate calendar.



Illinois Bill Aims To Protect Students’ Online Privacy

State Rep. La Shawn Ford, who last year passed a bill keeping employers from asking employees for their usernames and passwords, is now sponsoring a bill to do the same for students.


United Nations

Missouri Panel Backs Anti-United Nations Bill

A Missouri House committee has endorsed legislation barring state or local officials from adopting policies stemming from a United Nations document promoting “sustainable development.”





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