Bob Pettit


Charlie Brennan – Thursday, May 9th – Phoenix Coldon Is Missing

Charlie talks with Goldia and Lawrence Coldon about their missing daughter, Phoenix; with Award-Winning Composer/Pianist Burt Bacharach; and with NBA Hall-of-Famers Bob Pettit and Jo Jo White.



Charlie Brennan – Monday, April 22nd – Former FBI Director Gives His on FBI Actions on Boston Bombings

Former FBI Director and Former CIA Director Judge William Webster gives his thoughts on the FBI actions on Boston Bombings. Also, Charlie talks with former FBI Negotitor Clint Van Zandt; with Greg Marecek about an opportunity to play golf with NBA Hall of Famer Bob Pettit; with Dan Protess, PBS producer of 10 Building That Changed America; and with Market Analyst Al Goldman.



Sports on a Sunday Morning – Sunday, January 30th

Ron welcomes an array of guests on the big show. Are the recent developments with Albert Pujols reason for concern? Listen to what Ron and John Rooney have to say about it.


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