Illinois Moms are Breastfeeding More Compared to Missouri

More Illinois moms are breastfeeding their newborns compared to Missouri moms. Nationally, about 80 percent of new moms choose to breastfeed.


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STUDY: Breastfeeding Reduces Risk of Breast Cancer

A new study finds that breastfeeding may decrease a woman’s breast cancer risk.


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Missouri May Excuse Nursing Women from Juries

An ailing Missouri lawmaker’s bill that would prevent nursing mothers from being penalized for breast-feeding in public or being required to serve on juries gained final legislative approval Monday.


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Waitress Fired For Calling Cops On Woman Drinking Booze While Breastfeeding

A waitress at a local pizzeria was let go by employers after she called the police on a woman she saw drinking alcohol while breastfeeding a newborn child.


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More Mothers Are Breastfeeding, CDC Finds

In the study released on Wednesday more than 3 in 4 mothers, almost 77 percent, try to breastfeed their newborns from 2000 to 2010.


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4 Hospitals in Mo., Kan. Hop on the Breastfeeding Effort Bandwagon

Missouri and Kansas hospitals join in a national effort to improve breastfeeding rates.


Controversial Oreo Ad

Leaked Oreo Ad Shows Breastfeeding Baby Holding Cookie

Kraft Foods is attempting to clean up the mess made by the accidental release of a controversial Oreo advertisement that features a breastfeeding baby. The ad shows a baby breastfeeding from an uncensored breast and holding an Oreo cookie in its hand.


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SLU Studying Flu Vaccines in Breastfeeding Mothers

The university says the research is important because young infants are most prone to flu but cannot get a vaccine until they’re six months old.


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