bucket list bandit

Bucket List Bandit

UPDATE: Bucket List Bandit Gets 11 Years in Prison

Michael Eugene Brewster pleaded guilty in March to a string of 11 heists he committed in 10 states.


Bucket List Bandit

FBI Agent: Bucket List Bandit Caught in Oklahoma

He’s believed to be responsible for bank robberies in nine states.


Bucket List Bandit 9-10 erie5

Bucket List Bandit May be in Pennsylvania

Robbed a bank in Erie, PA. on Monday


Bucket List Bandit Photo FBI

Bucket List Bandit Mug Shot Goes Nationwide

Two billboards along I-70 near Lambert Airport show his surveillance camera photo.


bucket list bandit

O’Fallon Bank Robber Believed To Be ‘Bucket List Bandit’

He was given the name because he tells bank tellers he has only four months to live.



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