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Cash-Strapped Illinois: Can’t Do the ‘Impossible’ on Paying

The state of Illinois asked a federal judge Friday not to hold it in contempt for missing a recent court-ordered deadline to pay services providers for the disabled, saying compliance should “not mean doing the impossible” amid one of the nation’s worst budgetary crises.


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Akin Supports Revised Boehner Bill

Rep. Todd Akin says the balanced budget amendment made the difference.



Mo. Treasurer Says State Money Secure

Clint Zweifel is confident that state taxpayer money is safe, even if Washington fails to do its job.


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Akin Will Not Support Republican Plan

Speaker John Boehner’s debt limit bill is up for a vote today, but its future is still uncertain.



Quinn Plans to Skip $75 Million in Raises

Quinn’s surprise announcement came on the day workers were to get 2 percent increases.


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