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East St. Louis Mayor Emeka Jackson-Hicks holds news conference at city hall on August 16, 2015 (KMOX photo)

Mayor Declares Budget Woes In East St. Louis

Emeka Jackson-Hicks says administration has some tough choices to make to reduce $5.7 million deficit


Photo Credit: Getty Images/Maria Toutoudaki

Tax Drop to Put More Money in Illinois Paychecks

Illinois taxpayers will have a little extra cash next year.


Illinois House

Rhetoric Heats Up Over Illinois State Pension Benefits

Illinois House Republicans voted unanimously to make it harder to increase state worker pension benefits.


Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Gov. Quinn to Deliver State of State Message

“Governors want to project a sense that they’re in charge, and there are things to talk about besides huge budget deficits and financial crisis.



Illinois Lawmakers Yet ToTackle Massive $85B Pension Debt

CHICAGO (AP) Illinois lawmakers are hustling to close loopholes in government pension plans to prevent abuses. They’ve already passed laws changing retirement provisions for future employees. But so far this fall, they’ve been almost silent […]



Are Politicans Getting the Message

Illinois House Minority Leader Tom Cross says politicians have made careers out of telling people good news and giving them gifts.


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