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Principal Resigns After Student With Asperger’s Syndrome Attacked At School

A middle school principal resigned after a student with Asperger’s syndrome was brutally attacked while at school.


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Keidel: Incognito Can’t Defeat The Civilized World With Uncivilized Behavior

We should be disgusted by anyone who condones Incognito, excuses Incognito or ignores Incognito. We should be disgusted by anyone who blames Martin, teases Martin or trivializes Martin.


Ellie Bennett

Local Student Finalist In National Anti-Bullying Contest

8th grade student Ellie Bennett’s video beat out hundreds of others from around the country.



Is Your Child a Bully?

It doesn’t take long for a victim of bullying to possibly become a bully themselves.


Talking About Bullying

Talking To Your Kids About Bullying

Being the victim of a relentless bully can be a distraction and even a danger to kids. As a parent, it is important to recognize the signs of bullying, know how to talk to your children about bullies and establish an appropriate reaction to a bully situation.


TIAM Weekend

TIAM Weekend: Starting a Small Business & Teaching Kids Not to Bully

SCORE wants to help you get that small business going and a counselor has tips to teach kids not to bully.


Bully Poster

“Bully” Looks at the Woeful World of School Hostilities

Film chronicles the tough stories of beleagured youths in several states.


The Mark Reardon Show: RNC Chair, “Bully” Director

Reince Priebus, chairman of the RNC, tells us his thoughts on the race for the GOP presidential nomination. Lee Hirsch tells us about his new documentary, “Bully.”


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