Calvary Cemetery

Photo: KMOX/Michael Calhoun

Human Remains Found Near IKEA Site

Crews working on an access drive for grain silos next to the IKEA site came across a brick tomb with bones inside.


(Photo credit: Lemp Mansion Facebook)

The Top Haunted Graveyard Tours In St. Louis

As the bewitching season approaches, haunts of St. Louis once again become popular places to visit. St. Louis has no shortage of its own legendary venues and accompanying scary stories. Why not make it a social event? After your tour, enjoy dinner, a movie or a show. Just beware! Ghosts may be lurking between courses and intermissions.


Autopsy room, St. Louis morgue

The Unclaimed Dead — City Morgue Turns to Taxpayers

A no-frills burial with no grave marker.


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