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Mary Elizabeth Beary holds a photo of her late father, Thomas Joseph Beary III.

Father’s Death Provides Catalyst For Local Woman’s Advocacy

Mary Elizabeth Beary says her father had been suffering from stomach pains for six months but was misdiagnosed.


O'Fallon Police Chief John Betten died Sunday afternoon at his home. (Photo

O’Fallon Police Chief Dies of Cancer

Police Capt. Jeff Wild said despite John Betten’s illness, Betten continued working and “never let the cancer define the type of man he was.”


Healthcare Fair Provides Free Health Screenings For Bronx Residents

Siteman Researcher Writes About Cancer ‘Crisis’

Siteman Cancer Center Director Dr. Timothy Eberlein helped write a new national report on these cancer concerns, titled “Delivering High Quality Cancer Care: Charting a New Course for a System in Crisis.”


Study Recommends Mammograms For Younger Women

The study found 609 confirmed breast cancer deaths. The median age of death from breast cancer was 49, and the median age of death from any other cause was 72.


Healthcare Fair Provides Free Health Screenings For Bronx Residents

Study Seeks to Redefine Cancer; Local Expert Weary

The researchers argue that not only does the definition of cancer need to change, but in some cases, the word should be dropped from many common diagnoses.



New Treatment Option For Prostate Cancer Patients

The Siteman Cancer Center is now one of just five in the U.S. offering a new treatment for prostate cancer patients.


A social worker helps elderly people during a memory activity at the Cuidem La Memoria elderly home , which specializes in Alzheimer patients on August 2, 2012 in Barcelona, Spain.  (credit: David Ramos/Getty Images)

Study: Cancer Patients Have Lower Risk For Alzheimer’s

According to a recent study, seniors with cancer have a lower risk for Alzheimer’s disease and vice versa.


Healthcare Fair Provides Free Health Screenings For Bronx Residents

American Cancer Society Looking for Volunteers

The American Cancer Society is looking for 300,000 volunteers for the Cancer Prevention Study 3, that may last up to 30 years.


Victoria Ann Marut

St. Peters Woman Who Faked Cancer Gets Probation

Victoria Marut shaved head and claim of having terminal non-Hodgkins lymphoma prompted an outpouring of cash and other assistance.


Hookah Bar Lights Up Nightlife In San Jose

Hookah: Not A Safer Option

Cancer specialist says smoking hookah is just as dangerous as cigarettes.