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Studio B Mic.

TIAM: Spain Cries “Tio”, Politicians Say The Dumbest Things & Mike Shannon On The Cardinals

Spain’s banks are in big trouble. WWR’s Paul Brandus chatted with us. What’s going on with the Cardinals?


TIAM: President Obama, The Cardinals Losing Streak & MSD’s Prop Y

Friday’s job numbers are a major problem for President Obama. The Cards are having a tough time of it right now. Prop Y will be on the ballot Tuesday.


Studio B Mic.

TIAM: Lousy Job Numbers, The Cardinals Need A Win & The Flame Virus

Candy Crowley talks jobs with us. Mike Shannon with Tom Ackerman on the Cardinals and we found out about the Flame virus.


One Memorial Drive

TIAM: Facebook Fumble, The G-8 Meets, Mike Shannon & Is That Pool Clean?

How about that Facebook IPO? What’s going on with the G-8? Mike and Tom talk Cardinal baseball. Is that swimming pool healthy to swim in?


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TIAM: JPMorgan-Chase, Mike Shannon & Darryl “DMC” McDaniels

Over 2 billion. Down the drain. Cardinals baseball and Darryl “DMC” McDaniels



TIAM: CNN’s Candy Crowley, Mike And Tom & St. Louis Parks

We talked with Candy Crowley about gay marriage and more. Mike and Tom talked Tony La Russa and we found out about a new book on St. Louis area parks.


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TIAM: Candy Crowley, Mike Shannon & Catherine Monson

CNN’s Candy Crowley joined us. We heard from Mike Shannon and the star of tonight’s “Undercover Boss”


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TIAM: Jill On Money, Paul On The Presidency, Mike On The Cardinals & Aaron On Asperger’s

What will the markets do this week? The latest polling numbers from Gallop. Mike Shannon and Tom Ackerman. Living with Asperger’s.


Studio B Mic.

TIAM: Santorum Wants Gingrich Gone, The Mike And Tom Show & TLC’s Chilli

Should he stay or should he go? Cardinal spring training update with Mike Shannon. TLC’s Chilli.


Arch Sunrise

TIAM: Go Dow, Go! The 2008 Election. Blood Clots

Is the economy getting better? We talked with the West Wing Report’s Paul Brandus. Tom Ackerman and Mike Shannon talk Cardinal baseball.




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