Castlewood Treatment Center

Castlewood treatment center

Castlewood Treatment Center Settles Two Hypnosis Lawsuits

Plaintiff’s attorney Kenneth Vuylsteke says that in the two pending cases, patients were misled to believe they had a dark past.



Social Media Fuel Dangerous ‘Thigh Gap’ Weight-Loss Goal

Specialists say achieving a so-called thigh gap is risky and virtually impossible. But some exceptionally thin models have the gap, which is upheld as a beauty achievement.


Castlewood Treatment Center in Ballwin, Mo

Treatment Center Director Steps Down Amidst Brainwashing Claims

Four women have filed lawsuits since 2011 against Castlewood Treatment Center and its founder Mark Schwartz.


Castlewood Treatment Center in Ballwin, Mo

Fourth Patient at Ballwin Treatment Center Alleges Abuse

The woman’s attorney, Ken Vuylsteke, says she was in her late 30s in 2010 when she spent several months at Castlewood for an eating disorder.


Castlewood Treatment Center in Ballwin, Mo

Second Woman Claims Clinic Gave Her “False Memories” of Satanic Rituals

Castlewood Treatment Center accused of “malpractice”


Castlewood Treatment Center, Ballwin, MO

Lawsuit Accuses Therapist And Ballwin Clinic Of “Brainwashing”

Former patient claims in suit she was “hypnotized” into believing she had a repressed past as a “devil worshipper.”


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