9/13/11-This 3-foot-long, 18-inches-wide, 10-15 foot deep sinkhole opened up in the surface of Chouteau in the 2100 block, right across from St. Louis Cremation. (KMOX/Brett Blume)

NASA Launches Program to Detect Sinkholes

NASA has a program that could possibly detect sinkholes before they happen. Missouri is one of the states in the country that has the most.



Drinking Underground: The World’s 6 Best Bars In Caves

When it comes to drinking, we’re all about going underground. That used to mean drinks at a speakeasy, but now it means in a cave. Check out the world’s best bars in a cave.


Gray Bat 1

Some Missouri Caves Free of Bat Disease

Tests on bats in a Springfield area cave show no signs of a disease that has killed bats elsewhere, including in eastern Missouri.



Missouri Caves Monitored For Signs Of Deadly Bat Disease

White-Nose Syndrome has been blamed for 1 million bat deaths in US and Canada.


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