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Park Pacific Front

TIAM: What Goes On In Vegas

Larry’s in Vegas right now.


One Memorial Drive

TIAM: Avoiding Electrocution, The Dog Whisperer & Direct TV Vs. Viacom

Avoiding electrocution at your lakeside dock. Cesar Milan is “The Dog Whisperer”. Where did your favorite Viacom programs go?


Studio B Mic.

TIAM: Lousy Job Numbers, The Cardinals Need A Win & The Flame Virus

Candy Crowley talks jobs with us. Mike Shannon with Tom Ackerman on the Cardinals and we found out about the Flame virus.



TIAM: Congress & The President

The President and Congress get snarky with each other. Again. Toxins in your home and how to get rid of them. Can Google + take Facebook down a few pegs?


Studio B Mic.

TIAM: Cardinals Care, Candy Crowley, Mike Shannon & Li-fi

Cardinals Care has something coming up you may be interested in. CNN’s Candy Crowley talked job numbers with us. Mike Shannon talked Cardinal baseball with Tom Ackerman. And we found out about “Li-fi” from Larry Magid.


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