Ill. Drivers Still Risking Tickets to Talk on Cellphones

“There’s really a big misconception where drivers feel as long as the phone’s not up to their ear, they’re abiding by the law” – ISP Trooper Calvin Dye, Jr.


File photo of a person holding a cellphone. (Photo by Jean Sebastien/AFP/Getty)

Thieves Use Stolen SUV in South St. Louis Smash-and-Grab

Police in St. Louis are searching for suspects who drove a stolen SUV into a cellphone business and stole phones and accessories.


File photo of a person holding a cellphone. (Photo by Jean Sebastien/AFP/Getty)

Missouri Voters May Fortify Digital Privacy Rights

The Aug. 5 ballot measure known as Amendment 9 would require police to obtain a warrant before searching or seizing “electronic communications and data.”


File photo of a person using an application on a smartphone. (Photo by THOMAS COEX/AFP/GettyImages)

Drivers Can Use Phones As Insurance Proof

Illinois joins other states in allowing motorists to use smarphone programs for proof of insurance.


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Suit Alleges Answering Calls, Emails After-Hours Warrants Compensation

Chicago police Sgt. claims the city owes him and fellow officers overtime pay for work performed on department-requisitioned BlackBerry phones. If the plaintiffs eventually prevail, it could mean millions of dollars in back pay.


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Millions Sign Up For Telemarketing Blacklist

There were 1.8 million residential lines on the No Call List, and 140,000 cell phones have registered so far.


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Cellphone Tracking Bill Sent to Missouri Governor

The bill requires phone companies to help law enforcement track the cellphone signal of a 911 caller


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Using Cellphones While Driving Could be Banned in Illinois

Measure passes Illinois House



Missouri Senate Votes To Add Cellphones to No-Call List

The Senate voted 34-0 Thursday to expand the state’s list


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