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Charlie Brennan


The Voice Box: What Would You Do For Blues Playoff Tickets?

What lengths would the KMOX staff go to for a pair of Blues playoff tickets? From headstands and planking to drinking a condiment “cocktail,” the KMOX staff proves their devotion to St. Louis Blues hockey.



The Voice Box: When The Boss Is Gone

Find out what happens when KMOX Program Director Steve Moore goes on vacation for a week.



The Voice Box: The Many Impressions Of Charlie Brennan

We all know what Charlie is like from 9 to 11 a.m. Monday through Friday, but what is he like after the microphone goes off? Watch this video to find out!



The Voice Box: What Would You Be?

This week we find out the hidden career choices behind the KMOX staff. What would they be if they weren’t in radio? Watch the video to find out.



TIAM: Charlie Brennan-Tiger Father? Bullying In Schools, Earthquake Preparedness & Super Bowl #s.

Charlie Brennan goes one-on-one with Amy Chua. Kids schools and bullying. Are you ready for the big one? TV Guide’s Matt Roush on the super Super Bowl numbers.


Studio B Mic.

TIAM: Charlie Brennan Needs Your Help, Super PAC $, Gout & Teacher Tenure

Charlie needs your green thumb. rying to fix Super PACs. Got gout? Tenure? What tenure?


St. Louis Cardinals Manager Tony La Russa holds his face in his hands during a roast portion to him in the Annual St. Louis Baseball Writers Asociation of America's 53rd Annual Dinner with his new Golden Glove Award in St. Louis on January 16, 2011.   UPI/Bill Greenblatt

The Sports Hub: Jim Leyland, Buzz Bissinger & TLR On Letterman

Jim Leyland and Buzz Bissinger discuss their relationships with Tony La Russa. Also listen to Tony’s appearance on “The Late Show With David Letterman”.



Kevin Killeen’s Whole ‘nother Story — Farewell to Bob Cassilly of the City Museum

Who was Bob Cassilly and why did he like danger?


GOP Republican Gubernatorial hopeful Bill Randles

Underdog Republican Believes He Can Beat Nixon, Kinder Can’t

Randles argues that to win the GOP needs a candidate who will energize Bible belt voters in southwest Missouri.


Rock and Roll legend Chuck Berry makes his way through a crowd of fans prior to a statue dedication in University City, Missouri on July 29, 2011.   UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Chuck Berry Statue Dedicated In The Loop

“St. Louisans should be proud to know one of their own created the most significant musical art form following World War II,” Brennan said. “As John Lennon said ‘If rock & roll had a different name, it would be Chuck Berry’. I am proud St. Louis is recognizing Chuck’s genius.”