Cheryl Pilate

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Attorney: Botched Execution Shows Process is ‘Callous Trial-and-Error’

The nation’s third botched execution in six months has death row lawyers, including one in Missouri, crying foul.


Russell Bucklew

Supreme Court Halts Execution of Russell Bucklew

The justices said a lower federal court needs to take another look at the case of Russell Bucklew.


Russell Bucklew

Bucklew’s Hopes Rest with Supreme Court

A Missouri inmate with a rare condition that affects the blood vessels was handed a reprieve less than two hours before his scheduled execution, but the state may end up killing him later Wednesday if the U.S. Supreme Court says it can.


Russell Bucklew

Missouri Death Row Inmate’s Hopes Rest with Courts

Attorneys for a condemned Missouri inmate remain hopeful that a court will halt his execution, even if the governor has shown little inclination to do so himself.


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Mo. Attorney Wants All Executions Suspended After Botched Okla. Execution

They say there’s not enough information about these lethal injection drugs, where they come from or who makes them.


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Attorney For Smulls Seeks Stay Over Drug Concerns

The attorney for Missouri death row inmate Herbert Smulls has asked a federal court for a 60-day stay of execution.


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