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Mark Reardon: U.S. Senator Roy Blunt

U.S. Senator Roy Blunt gives his take on the IRS scandal.


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Mark Reardon: Bob Barker & Wash U

Longtime “Price Is Right” host Bob Barker asks Wash U’s School of Medicine to halt its use of cats for scientific research.


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Mark Reardon: Senator Roy Blunt, Gun Control

Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri joins Mark live in studio, filmmaker John Ziegler discusses his documentary, “Framing Paterno,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Joe Holleman on gun control, and Chris Reimer on annoying television ads.


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Total Information PM: Popularity Of The Harlem Shake

How did the Harlem Shake get so big? What explodes on social media? Chris Reimer is VP of social media for Falk Harrison.


Washington Avenue

Mark Reardon: Concerned Washington Avenue Resident & The Harlem Shake

A resident who lives on Washington Avenue says there’s an overwhelming police presence there at times – which only reinforces the fears that the area is not a safe place to live.



Mark Reardon: Author John Lott & The New Cadillac ATS Commercial

John Lott talks about President Obama’s gun control proposals.


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Mark Reardon: Congressman Todd Akin, Missouri Senate Race & The Wave

Todd Akin discusses his upcoming U.S. Senate contest against Claire McCaskill. Josh Kraushaar talks about the Missouri Senate race. Chris Reimer discusses “The Wave.”


The Mark Reardon Show: Primary Review, Social Media In the Workplace

Josh Kraushaar, executive editor of the National Journal’s The Hotline, gives us the latest on the race for the GOP presidential ticket. Chris Reimer, VP of social media for Falk Harrison, tells us all we […]



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