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Woman Wants Investigation Into Missing Son 12-Years Ago

Wilson says police have known since 2004 the father was lying about Christian’s disappearance, but refuse to prosecute.


Missouri Faith Voices. Photo:

Members of 37 Congregations Meet in Springfield

Members of three religious denominations say they are setting aside their differences to work together in Springfield and across the state.


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St. Louisan Tops Hip Hop Charts With His Christian Lyrics

The artist known as Flame is successfully mixing the sacred with the secular.



Local Christian Group Outraged Over Proposal to Relax FCC Decency Standards

“Call your elected official,” that suggestion from Joe Ortwerth, head of the Christian organization, Missouri Family Policy Council.


Pro-life rally

Settlement In Suit Over Anti-Abortion Posters

A Christian civil rights group and a south-central Missouri school district have settled a lawsuit over the display of anti-abortion posters.


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