Cigarette Tax

Illinois House Approves Higher Cigarette Tax

Would cost a dollar a pack more


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Illinois Lawmakers Slash Medicaid Budget

“2.7 million [people on Medicaid] will be going through an annual redetermination process to make sure they’re still eligible for Medicaid.”


Cigarette Tax, Minimum Wage And Interest Cap Petitions Turned In

Backers of a plan to raise the Missouri cigarette tax to 90-cents from 17 say they have far more names than they need.


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Petitions Submitted for Mo. Tobacco Tax Increase

This would be the third time in the past decade that a tobacco tax increase has appeared on the Missouri ballot



Nixon Seeks to Stay Out of Missouri Tobacco Tax Debate

Supporters are looking to raise Missouri’s lowest-in-nation cigarette tax.


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Madigan says Illinois GOP will block cigarette tax hike

Gov. Quinn wants to raise cig tax by a dollar a pack


Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (Photo: Getty/Scott Olson)

Gov. Quinn Promises More Cuts and Taxes to Reduce Deficit

Trying to make up $2.7 billion, Gov. Pat Quinn says his job is to tell lawmakers not what they want to hear, but what they need to hear.


Illinois Roll Your Own May Be In Trouble

“This is a rapidly increasing method to produce cigarettes without being subject to the cigarette tax.”


Charlie Brennan – Monday, January 24th

Pro/con on raising the cigarette tax in Missouri, and a consumer savings expert talks about online coupon do’s and dont’s.



Mark Reardon Show – Monday, January 24th

Former St. Louis County Councilwoman Barbara Fraser discusses the effort to toughen up the smoking ban laws in the county. Missouri State Senator Kurt Schaefer and Columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News Christine Flowers also join us.



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