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TIAM: Back To School Electronic Ideas

What’s hot in the world of electronics.


Arch Sunrise

TIAM: Wall Street Is On The Rise, Todd Akin, Tech Tips For School & Lyda Krewson

Are we crawling out of the economic hole? Politics with Paul Brandus. Back-to-school tech. items. Lyda Krewson on the recent Central West End shooting.


Christmas Tree Santa

TIAM: Quadruple Witching Is Coming! Electronic Christmas Gift Giving & Cancer Breakthroughs

Jill on quadruple witching day. The President’s #s and more with Paul Brandus. Picking out the best electronic Christmas gifts. 2011 cancer breakthroughs.


Tobacco Ad

TIAM: Tobacco Ads, Liquid Bombs & Tech. Tools For School

Tobacco companies sue the F.D.A. Former TSA Administrator Kip Hawley talked bombs with us. Best electronics for kids with CNET’s Brian Cooley.



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