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Ameren says Proposed Coal Ash Landfill Site Meets Specs

As KMOX News has reported, Ameren Missouri has proposed storing thousands of tons of waste from burning coal outside it’s Labadie power plant. Now the utility thinks it’s passed another hurdle.


Key Report on Coal Waste Landfill to be Released

KMOX News has been keeping you up-to-date on the controversy surrounding a proposed landfill for coal waste in Franklin County, Missouri. Tonight Ameren presents results of a year-long study to the community.


Legal Ground Being Cleared for Coal Ash Landfill

Franklin County officials take action that could pave the way for a coal waste landfill near the Missouri River.


Vocal Opponents of Coal Waste Landfill Want More Input

In recent weeks KMOX News has reported on the national debate over what to do with the ash produced by coal-fired power plants. This week the arguments are local as Franklin County, Missouri officials continue to review plans by Ameren to build a massive coal waste storage facility near the Missouri River.


Coal Ash Concerns Send Franklin Co. Group to Chicago

A citizens group from rural Missouri is so fired-up over the hazards of coal-fired power — they’re travelling miles to tell federal regulators about their fears.


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Special Report – Coal Ash: Better Uses or Bigger Dangers?

Imagine acres of ponds — not brimming with wildlife — but full of millions of tons of ash from power plants. It’s reality at dozens of sites in Missouri and Illinois. This week KMOX News told you about fears those ponds are leaching dangerous metals into the environment. But experts say there may be something better.


Special Report – Coal Ash: Tough Decisions

Would you consider something that contains arsenic and lead hazardous? That’s the question federal regulators are asking about coal ash, the waste generated from burning coal for power.


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Special Report – Coal Ash: Is one resource destroying another?

Tuesday, KMOX News told you about a problem that’s piling up in Missouri — coal waste. Coal-fired power plants in Missouri generate more than a million tons of waste a year.


Special Report – Coal Ash: Harmless or Hazard?

When you flip on the light switch or use a hairdryer every morning, you’re contributing to a growing problem.