Dietitian Weighs In On Caffeinated Gum

Wrigley will soon be launching a chewing gum with caffeine, said to be aimed at adults only.


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Simple Recipes: Healthful Holiday Treats

These four holiday recipes are both scrumptious and healthy.


Foodie Gift Guide - coffee

Missouri Man’s Project Provides Clean Water

What began as a Missouri man’s simple idea has provided access to clean water for more than 57,000 people in 10 countries.


TIAM: Coffee Is Good For You! Dr. Joe On Procedures & United Breaks Guitars

Enjoy that coffee and live longer. Dr. Joe on procedures you may not need. His video about United breaking his guitar has some 12 million hits.


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Food For Thought – 5 Foods To Enhance Brain Function

With Tax Day rapidly approaching, we need our minds to be sharp. Check out these tasty foods to help you think.



The Voice Box: Getting To Know Bill Reker

This week we go behind-the-scenes with KMOX news anchor Bill Reker. How does he make his coffee? What makes him mad? Let’s find out…


Benton Park Café and Coffee Bar, located in the busy Benton Park area, is a great brunch location. (Credit:

Best Brunch Spots In St. Louis

On days when you have the luxury of sleeping in a little late, what better way to start your day than indulging in that mid-morning meal known as brunch?



Plans Take-Off for Midtown’s Flying Saucer Building

The man who designed Midtown’s landmark flying saucer building says he approves of plans to save it.



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