Coldwater Creek

Health Dept. to Launch Two-Year Study Near Coldwater CreekThere has been a fear that radioactive dirt that got into Coldwater Creek has caused a spike in cancers.
High Number Of Rare Cancer Cases Found In Missouri CommunityOfficials are concerned after an unusual amount of cancer cases have popped up in a community outside of St. Louis, Missouri.
Health Officials to Launch Survey of Residents Near Cold Water CreekThe St. Louis County Health Department is preparing to launch a major survey of current and former residents along the Cold Water Creek in North County to determine if they’re suffering from higher levels of cancer and other health issues.
Neighbors Ask Questions About Radioactive Backyards Near Coldwater Creek"This is the very first atomic waste in the world and we're still suffering from it," Byron Clemens said at a community meeting Thursday.
Low-level Radioactive Contamination Found Along CreekThe Army Corps of Engineers says it has found low-level radiological contamination at three sites along Coldwater Creek in St. Louis County.
Army Corps of Engineers Seeks to Soothe Coldwater Creek ConcernsThe big question asked by several: Why aren't there signs, warning children and others to steer clear of the creek?
County Council Unanimously Passes Resolution to Speed Up Coldwater Creek CleanupThe council unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday night calling for more money for the Army Corps of Engineers to ramp up the effort.
County Health Department Calls for Further Study of Health Problems in Coldwater Creek AreaColdwater Creek was contaminated with nuclear waste after World War II.
Health Department to Examine Coldwater CreekWaste from atomic bomb production in downtown St. Louis was dumped in the creek in the 1940s
Survey Blames High Cancer Rate on Coldwater Creek A Facebook survey of some three thousand people from the Coldwater Creek area of north county shows clusters of cancer and other illnesses some blame on nuclear waste once stored there.
Study: No Cancer Cluster Discovered in St. Louis CountyMany residents of the area quickly dismissed a Missouri agency's study which found no evidence of cancer cluster.
Leaked Chemical Found in Coldwater CreekCloudiness, elevated ph in creek
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