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File photo of a concealed weapons training class for teachers. (Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)

Illinois State Police, State’s Attorney Clash on Concealed Carry Enforcement

No reaction yet from Madison County State’s Attorney Tom Gibbons after state law enforcers release a statement, saying they will continue enforcing the state’s current concealed carry law.


Concealed Carry 1a, Getty Images, photo by Shelly Katz

Quincy Alderman Wants Local Concealed-Carry Law

A Quincy alderman wants the western Illinois city to stop waiting for the state to enact a concealed-carry law and just enact its own although he acknowledges the local ordinance wouldn’t be enforceable.



Bill to Lower Age for Concealed Gun Permit Approved in Mo. Senate

Bill would make drinking age and concealed carry age the same.


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Lawmakers Look to Expand Second Amendment Rights in Missouri

“This bill deals with law abiding citizens to protect their God-given, constitution guaranteed right.”


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