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Flooding Preps Underway for St. Louis

Soon a cold and snowy winter will give way to a wet spring that could bring with it flood-level river waters.


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Corps: The Mighty Mississippi River Will Not Shutdown

Corps officials announced over the weekend that expedited work to remove rocks near Thebes Illinois will keep that critical 9-foot channel open.



Drought Exposes Quicksand Along Mississippi River, Missouri River

Earlier this month, an 11-year-old girl had to be rescued after sand swallowed her up to her waist


Floodwater flows over the Birds Point levee after the Army Corps of Engineers blew a massive hole in it to divert water from the town of Cairo, Illinois May 3, 2011 near Wyatt, Missouri. The diversion flooded about 130,000 acres of Missouri farmland and 100 homes in the state. Heavy rains have left the ground saturated, rivers swollen, and has caused widespread flooding in Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and Arkansas.  (Photo: Getty/Scott Olson)

Protest Letter Brings Halt to Birds Point Repairs

The corps said it received the letter a week ago protesting the contract to reconstruct the levee.



New Corps Leader Confident of Levee Improvements

Says partnership will help expedite permitting process



Levee Decertification Has Hurt Region’s Economy

Officials: Untold number of jobs lost because of flood insurance rate fears


SW Levees

Vote To Delay Flood Maps “Good News”, But Challenges Remain

Officials say upgrades should be completed in time, if Corps cooperates


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McCaskill: Corps’ Letters to Flood Victims Bad Timing

The letters were intended to gauge landowners’ interest in selling all or part of their land to the federal government.



Corps Says It Is Expediting Levee Upgrade Process

Flood Prevention Council doubts Corps commitment to expedite permitting process.


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Wood River Levee Repairs Move Forward

Plan to be submitted to Corps of Engineers Division officials this week